Why Bloggers Should Switch to Wordpress: 5 Reasons


Why Bloggers Should Switch to Wordpress: 5 Reasons

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WordPress is free

Wordpress has free installers that are available for all operating systems such as windows, Linux, Mac. Here in the blog, you will find about 2500 and 4500 plugins to chose from. Most of the plugins will cost you a small fee in exchange for a faster site. A big problem I’ve seen is that there are many plugins that do nothing at all, but most are beneficial for the blogger. It takes a few seconds to find out what you need. WordPress is flexible WordPress themes are highly customizable with the use of drag and drop. This means you can change the color, font, layout and style of your blog, all while keeping the same image width, spacing, and text. WordPress is popular WordPress powers over 30% of all websites.

You can easily find themes and plugins

At the end of this guide I have created a page that contains top 20 WordPress themes and 15 plugins that are must have for all blogging platforms . You can simply click the name of the plugin and download it directly from the page. This guide has been written to help those bloggers who are still using Blogger. Blogger is the free blogging platform that is powered by Google. It has been around for years but seems to be losing its popularity among bloggers. Blogger is not the only blogging platform available in market but its accessibility to many people is one of the reasons of its popularity. Wordpress is an open source blogging platform. It is a platform where anyone can set up a website that’s customizable. It is known as one of the fastest blogging platforms for its stable updates.

Blogger has problems with spam comments

It’s not just spamming but there is so much of fake emails about blog ideas, blogging tips and some e-mail marketing scams too. So instead of replying to every email that comes your way you can simply use the block list function by WordPress. You will notice that only this one form is displayed on the website to check spam emails as the “Remove Spam” plugin doesn’t allow you to block multiple forms. That is not to say you cannot install plugins to detect spam but it can be time consuming and defeating the purpose of installing the block list feature to begin with.

WordPress is customizable

Unlike the blog applications that you can only customize the theme and the settings only. There are too many tools that you can use to customize a blog. What’s more? You don’t even have to develop a theme to customize a blog. So if you are a developer, or are willing to learn programming, there are free or paid themes and plugins that you can use to customize a blog. Themeing your blog is an easy task WordPress has one of the easiest theme building capabilities. There are thousands of free themes, and if you prefer a paid theme, there are also premium WordPress themes like Parallax360, Snapfire, Restful, Themeforest. Or if you are willing to invest a little more money, you can also choose from premium themes like Genres , Lifestyles , By Addison Best , Impressionist and much more.

It has an SEO boost

A huge number of link building, social media marketing ,Buzzword writing, Buffer and Hootsuite, Leads from here Everything in tech here. All your needs will be sorted out here It has a huge demand It has readers for sure. It gets more traffic than your blog or niche blog. These blogs are loved by its readers. Best blogging tips will be shared It will generate lots of traffic to your blog and would get in touch with your readers. It has a huge community An awesome community and writers. All the readers will help in reaching the author. Easy to use & Blogger is free The main reason why I chose WordPress. I don't have to pay for any add-on and I can get it for free. One of the best tools for a blogger. All I need is to register it and then I can write anything.


For blog owners I strongly recommend that they try out Wordpress and give it a try, because I know I am not the only blogger who tried it out and has a huge online traffic. The WordPress control panel is way better and user-friendly than blogger one. If you are looking for a friendly platform for your online business you can definitely consider that. In fact, you can go for free accounts too.

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