seo tips for blogs - How to Improve Your Rankings And Traffic

10 seo tips for blogs - How to Improve Your Rankings And Traffic

10 seo tips for your blogs which i am going to share with you . Really if you will do all these your traffic must increase . I have a also used this trick to increase Da Pa of Domain . 

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Put Keywords in Your Title

This is one of the most important points. Put your keywords in your title, this is where your visitors stay. Every time someone visits your site they will search for something or click on a word and then scan the rest of the page. If they did not find what they were looking for on your first click then they will be lost in the side links. This means that you will not be able to convert them into customers. So you need to try to place your keywords as much as you can in your title. For example, if you sell golf clubs then you would want to make sure that your title contained the word golf. Keyword Research Is Your Friend A keyword research tool will allow you to place your keywords as it says.seo tips for blogger.

10 seo tips for blogs

Include Images and Videos

Images and videos are the best way to create impact with text. If you are not a visual or video person, you can still do it. In any case, you should try to create at least one unique video each month that can be used to share a small piece of your business. You can create one video at least once a month to tell your audience about your product or service. If you can’t create videos that others can’t copy, you are doing it wrong. For example, here’s one video I created this year that reached millions of viewers: When your marketing tools like Google Video and YouTube allow videos to be embedded into web pages, then use those opportunities for exposure. That’s why you should create unique images and videos that your readers and visitors will remember.

10 seo tips for blogs

Use Headings and Lists

Headings and lists work together to make content easy to read. It is important to keep them short and to the point. Placing items in the order that you want to read them can be a great way to increase your readership. Consider using check boxes and bullets to give readers a clue as to what you are talking about. Use Subheadings Subheads can add valuable information to your articles that you might not have noticed without that little heading. For example, use the ‘10 Social Media Analytics Tools That Will Make You Rich’ as a subheading. While this doesn’t necessarily give away exactly what you are going to talk about, it will help guide the reader to your point. Try Using Keywords One of the best ways to increase your rankings is to use words that your potential readers will search for.

Write Quality Content

Post your personal content on your blog. Make it personal and real. Instead of re-blogging your favourite content, write original blog content on your own blog. Don't Repost content Nobody is interested in re-blogging other blogs posts. If you have worked on it, it is new, fresh content on your own blog and I am sure people will pay you to write on your blog. Keep it Curated You can keep it really short, funny and neat with just one or two jokes in each post. It can be only funny once in a while.

Use Links to Point Readers to Other Articles

Instead of going through an endless stream of posts, creating more of the same and showing some form of shared value, create links to other content and content that people will actually want to link to and follow. The problem with this is that you might be repeating what you already posted. Instead of reading a post and then sharing it, read and then share the original post. The second way to create links is by linking to outside content in the footer and offering links to the first three posts in a series. The advantage with this is that by linking to related content that is popular or relevant to your topic, people will be more likely to follow links from other sites. Remember that this is where Google uses to determine if your blog is valuable to them as well.

Add Social Media Sharing Buttons

Many people do not know that social media buttons will boost your website’s authority. If people see a share button on your site, they are more likely to go and share the article too. The most prominent social media sharing buttons are Facebook, Twitter and Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube. Google+ requires sharing to be private, so be careful of that. Be Compassionate When Commenting You have a responsibility to take advantage of commenting opportunities and to be kind to your readers. Remember they are on a serious journey and perhaps at an emotionally low point. So don’t be rude! Also, not all the commenters will be interested in what you have to say. Try to address these comments to as many people as possible.

Inserting your Blog URL into Your Profile on Other Sites

Top Posting Sites on Blogspot Top Posts/Guest Blogs on Blogspot Best Posts/Guest Blogs on Blogspot No social media shared link on your profile They didn’t give you the chance to browse. Only clicking on the profile link and scroll down. Not a Search Engine Listing on the Profile itself (except the obvious Google search). Dead giveaway: No social media shared link on the profile itself (except the obvious Google search).

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10 seo tips for blogs

Create a Blogroll of Related Websites or Bloggers You Like

Following the link generated from a Twitter search would result in multiple websites. But, if you also follow the links generated from the Google search, it will narrow down the results. You can now have a link to one specific website that is related to a particular topic or niche, as suggested by you. 10 SEO Tips for Bloggers: How to Improve Your Rankings And Traffic You can easily create a link which is relevant to you and your readers. Create Segmented Outlines With multiple websites, you have a lot of extra content to add to your blog posts. But this extra content would not directly bring traffic to your blog posts. You need to work on reducing that extra content to create an outline or structure in your website.

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Comment on Other Sites and Blogs

Submit Search Traffic to Your Site Search Traffic is a Site Meter Pro addon for Google. Get the most out of Google Analytics! Submit Site Traffic to Your Site Enable Content Curation Curation refers to the process of adding a variety of different, or additional links to your site's page that improve the appearance, meaning and readability of the site. Why Curation? As a part of your overall strategy, adding a selection of well-placed, relevant, descriptive and insightful content to your site can help increase the visibility of your site, and therefore the amount of traffic to your site. Site Meter Pro Curation Extension Need to boost SEO?

10 seo tips for blogs


This is our conclusion. After thorough research on all the titles, with the help of the SEO community and the exchange of knowledge, we have come up with this selection of 100+ SEO tips for bloggers.

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