What are AMP Blogger templates ? What are its advantages and disadvantages?


Amp Blogger templates, that are optimized for the fast support, and they are also very strong, this is the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is a Blogger Theme is very popular among new bloggers. As we all know, the AMPLIFIER is backed by Google, and it says that this is the future of the mobile versions of a web page, whether it is an e-commerce site, a blog or a personal website, you may have a lot of options on the AMP. The BOOSTER will help you to load pages more quickly, allowing the user to quickly get it, even on a slow network. This kind of Wordpress theme that will help you change the speed of your mobile pages will load faster the next page. This feature is useful in so many ways, it will help you to improve your blog's page load speed, as well as how to improve your SEO performance of the smaller devices, such as smart phones and tablets. 

Hello Guyz ! I am CEO and Founder of Techlyinformer.Xyz . In this article You will learn about what are amp Blogger templates?What are the advantages of Amp blogger template  and what are  the disadvantages of Amp blogger template ?

What are AMP Blogger templates ?
What are AMP Blogger templates ?

You can view and download the AMP Blogger templates for your blogger blog. This is a free Blogspot templates that are pre-loaded with fast-charge-AMP function, and at the same time, this theme is also equipped with an optimized, SEO tags and snippets, which is the newest layout and arrangement for improved positioning in the search engines. The Amp will be in the first place, only in some parts of the website will help you to increase the speed of your website and drive more traffic to your blog in the beginning, and at the same time, amp blogger themes are great to look at the screen. 

If you're looking for an AMP Blogger template, it is fully equipped and nice, and nice look and feel, it will come with a built-in widget, then here GooyabiTemplates are listed variety of the best free AMP Blogger templates, which you can install on your blogger blog is to improve the launch speed of your blog. There are a lot of advantages in the use of the AMP Blogger template, for example, as we all know, the AMP Blogspot theme is very SEO-safe, and they are mobile friendly, with a mobile-friendly design helps as well in order to be a fully responsive layout, a better blog, speed, traffic, ad is finished, it will provide an enhanced experience and a better CTR, and most importantly, you can use your blog to be higher on mobile devices

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Advantages of Amp blogger template ?

What are the advantages of Amp blogger template  and what are  the disadvantages of Amp blogger template ?
What are the advantages of Amp blogger template  and what are  the disadvantages of Amp blogger template ?

First, we will discuss some of the benefits of the built-in blogger templates. 

High-speed charging, and the website's ranking of improvements, including: 
Amp Blogger templates are faster to load than the other is a responsive blogger template is a template that will increase your page rank with 23%. This will also increase the number of page views, such as the speed of the website from loading. 
* * * This is one of the benefits of the amp blogger templates!

What are disadvantages of Amp Blogger templates?

I have not yet made official, a blogger, a wire, but some of the developers have made it necessary templates are included with underwater rocks. 

1. Declining ad revenue 
Since this is an amp blogger template, you can use the built-ads have been very limited, as you will need to make the page loads very quickly, which significantly reduces your link back to your website. 

2. You may not use any of the JavaScript 
All of the widgets in the sidebar or at the bottom of the panel you are using, for example, contact forms, email subscriptions) will be deleted, as they are in JavaScript, and that the booster does not run JavaScript. You can also use the amp to ifograms of a finite-size (75%), because of your blog are much slower than this. 

You will not have to make use of the official blogger comments field, as it makes use of a form, which we will not be able to change it. To reduce the speed of your site, with the use of Facebook and Discuss field observations. 

4. You can also make use of the template editor 
You can change your theme in Blogger editor. Tags, and the tags will be removed from your blog. 

5. The carved Images of sarees 
If you have a written 100-200 posts on your blog, you're going to be really annoyed, because you will need to remove tags from the photos, that is a long time to come. 

6. The editing of the video and audio playback platform 
Anyone who adds any video from YouTube, SoundCloud, the audio on their blog, the amplifier tag. 

7. The Limited Display, Network, 
Adsense-advertising is the only working right now, so if you have any other advertising network, you will lose your business. 
This will probably mean that you will have a lot of sacrifices have to use the amp blogs on your blog.

  • Here are Some example of Amp blogger template 

OmKit Blogger Template

OmKit Blogger Template

OmKit Blogger Template

EvoNews Blogger Template

EvoNews Blogger Template

EvoNews Blogger Template

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