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Who is the owner of aaj tak ? आज तक का मालिक कौन है ?
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Aaj tak owner

Hello Guyz ! I am  CEO   TECHLYINFORMER.XYZ.  Ajj mai aapko btaunga ki - Who is the owner of aaj tak ? आज तक का मालिक कौन है ?

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Dosto appne bahut se news channels dekhen honge pr jab baat aati hai aaj tak ke channel ki  tu iski baat hi kuch aaur hai ! Dosto ! App me se bahut se logo ka pasandeeda channel hai
Aajtak . Apke man me ek khayaal zarur aata hoga ki aaj tak ka channek ka Owner/CEO of Aaj tak कौन है ? Ajj ke इस article me हम janenge yahi sab !

Guyz you have seen many news channels but aaj tak is one of the best and oldest news channel.  Today in this article i will provide knowledge about aaj tak channel owner.

Aaj Tak is the most popular news in the Hindi language of India and is the most subscribed Indian news channel on YouTube.It is one of the oldest Hindi news channels in India. Aaj Tak channel owned by Living Media group.

Who is the owner of aaj tak ? आज तक का मालिक कौन है ? 

So guyz if you don't know who is the owner of owner of aaj tak ? . so the owner of aaj tak is Aroon Puri . 

history of aaj tak channel

Aaj Tak was the first to be shown on DD Metro on Doordarshan (DD) in 1995. In the evening, which was then transmitted as a 10-to-20-minute news program. Aaj Tak was launched in December 1999 as an independent news channel", which was the first major Hindi language channel in the country, which has aired twenty-four hours a day. By the time the channel was first launched, it had a range of 52 lakh households, and ever since then it has grown to include a broadcast channel of 3 crore households in the audience on the news channels, ranges of up to 55%. In January 2021, the channel was re-branded.so after reading this you will know about history of aaj tak news channel

Top Associated journalists of AajTak news Channel

  • Arun Puri, the Chairman of the India Today Group 
  • Rajdeep years of age) with a Consulting Editor at the India Today Group 
  • Anjana Om Kashyap, CEO 
  • Sveta Singh - Executive Director 
  • Chitra Tripathi Deputy Editor-in-Chief

Who is the owner of aaj tak ? आज तक का मालिक कौन है ?
Image credit  : - Aajtak

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